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Success Story: Soobali Niscala Villa

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In June 2018, Soobali Villa Management began managing a property that showed considerable potential but required significant renovation. The property, now known as the Soobali Niscala Villa, has become a successful and profitable luxury vacation rental, showcasing the transformation that can be achieved with our expert villa management services.

The Challenge

An investor purchased the property, recognizing its potential but aware of the need for significant improvements. With an investment of 2 billion IDR in property purchase and renovation, the challenge was ensuring that the property became operationally successful and profitable.

Our Intervention

Our team at Soobali stepped in to manage the operations of the villa. We oversaw the renovation process, ensuring that the villa exceeded potential guests’ expectations. Once the villa was ready to welcome guests, we took over the everyday management, which included marketing the villa, managing bookings, maintaining the property, and providing exceptional guest services.

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The Outcome

  • Financial Success: The villa has been operating successfully since 2018. Despite a fixed cost for staff and maintenance of 15 million IDR per month, the estate has been profitable, generating a minimum of 60 million IDR and up to 100 million IDR per month. After accounting for the 30% management fee, which includes OTA fees, the property has proven to be a profitable investment.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Soobali Niscala Villa has received high ratings across various platforms. These ratings include a 4.6 on Google, a perfect ten on, and an 8.9 on Traveloka, reflecting the high level of guest satisfaction and the exceptional service provided by our management team.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Considering the initial investment and the consistent monthly earnings, the Soobali Niscala Villa has provided a substantial return on investment. Here's a breakdown of the financial performance:

Parameter Value
Initial Investment 2,000,000,000 IDR
Monthly Earnings (Low) 60,000,000 IDR
Monthly Earnings (High) 100,000,000 IDR
Management Fee (Including OTA Fees) 30%
Monthly Fixed Costs 15,000,000 IDR

These figures showcase the financial success of Soobali Niscala Villa, reflecting our expertise in enhancing the value of properties under our management.

Soobali Niscala Villa Today

Soobali Niscala Villa, located in the desirable Umalas residence, is a sought-after property offering a luxurious and modern holiday experience in Bali. The villa, complete with three beautifully appointed ensuite bedrooms, a sparkling pool, and comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxation and socializing, has everything needed for unforgettable Bali holidays.

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Soobali Niscala Villa exemplifies the transformation that effective villa management can bring about. By turning an underperforming property into a profitable and highly-rated villa, Soobali Villa Management has demonstrated the value we bring to property investors and the unforgettable experiences we create for guests.