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In Bali, choosing the right villa management service is as crucial as selecting the perfect villa itself. A common query many villa owners have is about the “Bali villa management fees.” At Soobali, our core principles are transparency and simplicity. As such, we’ve broken down our villa management fees into three distinct plans, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every property owner. These plans cater to a range of needs and preferences, so you can effortlessly align your choice with your specific requirements.

1. Sales Marketing (10% Fee)

For villa owners who are hands-on with some management aspects but need specialized support in marketing and sales, the Sales Marketing plan is ideal. Highlights of this plan include:

  • Online/Offline Promotions: Comprehensive marketing via both digital and traditional avenues.
  • Reservation & Guest Experience: Ensuring a seamless and memorable stay from booking to goodbye.
  • Branding & Positioning: Crafting a compelling identity for your property.
  • Pricing Insights: Using data-driven techniques for sales strategies.
  • Booking Management: Maximizing villa occupancy.
  • Guest Feedback Management: Turning reviews into actionable improvements.
  • Financial Reporting: Monthly transparency on your villa’s financial health.

However, there are some services this plan doesn’t cover, such as team recruitment, property maintenance, and utilities management.

2. Full Villa Management (20% Fee)

For those who seek a more encompassing solution, the Full Villa Management plan provides an extensive range of services. This encompasses everything in the Sales Marketing plan, and fills in all the services it lacks. The only exception is the Online Travel Agent (OTA) fees which aren’t covered.

3. Complete Villa Management (30% Fee)

The epitome of hassle-free villa management in Bali. This package is the ultimate solution, integrating all the offerings from the Full Villa Management plan and even covering OTA fees. It’s designed for owners who want the utmost convenience and profitability.

Unlock Your Bali Villa’s Potential with Soobali

Every villa has its own story and potential. At Soobali, we’re here to help you narrate that story and realize that potential. Pick the plan that resonates with your vision and reach out to us. Together, we’ll redefine what “Bali villa management fees” truly represent in value and service.