Our Story

PT. SooBali Cahaya Gemilang

The Story of Soobali:

SooBali started with a simple mission: to create ideal holidays, complete with rest, sunbathing, beautiful pools, and joyful experiences. We’re a team of service-oriented individuals led by strong, visionary leaders. We strive for nothing short of your total satisfaction, whether you’re a guest in one of our managed villas or a property owner under our care.

Our distinctiveness comes from our family of companies, each bringing their expertise to ensure the perfect orchestration of your property.

Arkana Architects

A team of brilliant architects committed to shaping exceptional properties. Arkana Architects thrives on crafting inspiring master plans, architecture, and landscaping, redefining the realms of design. Born in the heart of Bali, Arkana Architects combines modern tropical architecture with a Balinese touch. Established in 2016, the team has built an impressive portfolio in Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Tanzania, Malaysia, and the Maldives. They specialize in Architecture, Master Planning, and Landscaping, contributing their keen eye for design and detail to Soobali’s comprehensive property solutions.

NATA Construction

With a commitment to quality and safety, NATA Construction has delivered excellent construction services in Bali since 2015. From infrastructure services to a full-fledged construction company, NATA Construction ensures the perfect build for your property. Their expertise enables Soobali to provide a seamless and hassle-free property setup, keeping your investment on the right track.

Soobali Development

As Bali’s tourism sector experiences a remarkable recovery, Soobali Development is the ideal partner for premier property investment and real estate development. Providing end-to-end solutions, from architectural design to construction and property management, Soobali Development ensures optimizing your investment, creating a seamless blend of luxury, comfort, and profitability.

These three pillars of expertise come together in Soobali, making us unique in villa management. We invite you to experience the seamless integration of architecture, construction, and management we bring to your villa. Let’s transform your property into a profitable paradise together.