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Bali's Tourism Sector Shows Promising Growth in 2023:
A Perspective from Soobali Villa Management

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The surge in International Tourist Arrivals

In March 2023, Bali saw a significant increase in international tourists, totaling 370,832 visits. This marked a 14.59% increase compared to the previous month, which recorded 323,623 trips. The surge in tourism was primarily attributed to visitors from Australia, who accounted for 24.21% of all international tourists in Bali during this period.

Occupancy Rate in Starred Hotels

Despite the increase in tourist arrivals, the Occupancy Rate (OR) for starred hotels in March 2023 was recorded at 40.01%, a slight decrease of 1.21 points compared to February 2023. However, this slight dip in occupancy rates presents an opportunity for villa management companies like Soobali to offer tourists a more personalized and private accommodation option.

Average Length of Stay

The average length of stay for foreign and domestic guests at starred hotels in Bali in March 2023 was recorded at 2.417 days. This indicates a trend towards shorter, more frequent trips, which Soobali has adapted by offering flexible booking options and personalized services to cater to this new travel behavior.

Occupancy Rate in Non-Starred Hotels

In contrast, the OR for non-starred hotels in March 2023 was recorded at 25.31%, a slight increase of 1.14 points compared to February 2023. This suggests a growing demand for alternative accommodation options, such as the villas managed by Soobali, which offer a unique blend of luxury and privacy.

Looking Back at January 2023

In January 2023, Bali recorded 331,912 international tourist visits, a decrease of 12.02% compared to December 2022. Despite this decrease, the OR for starred hotels in January 2023 was recorded at 46.16%, a significant increase compared to January 2022. This indicates a strong recovery trend in Bali’s tourism sector, which Soobali is well-positioned to benefit from.

Soobali’s Commitment

At Soobali, we remain committed to providing exceptional villa management services that meet the evolving needs of tourists in Bali. As the tourism sector recovers, we are ready to offer our guests a unique and memorable stay in one of our luxury villas.

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